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Butterwick Wells Hand Made Photograph Albums and Folios

Image Folios

Butterwick Wells hand made Image Folios provide the perfect solution for high quality portraiture presentation and display. 

We can supply our versatile double wing and triple wing image folios in either matted or self-adhesive versions.

The portrait image folio is ideal for graduation or engagement photo shoots; or for studio portrait display.

The square folio is equally suitable for baby pictures or for wedding memories to pass on to friends and family.

The mini folio is perfect for displaying treasured family photographs on the mantlepiece, or kept in the supplied soft bag to hold discreet boudoir moments.

They can be supplied either matted up to 5 x 7, or self adhesive up to 6 x 8.  There is also a square format and a mini version available.

Image Folios are available in three sizes:

  • Portrait: 6” x 8” (self adhesive) /  4” x 6” or 5” x 7” (matted)

  • Square: 6” x 6” (self adhesive) / 5” x 5” or 4” x 5” (matted)

  • Mini: 3.5” x 5” (self adhesive) / 3” x 4” (matted) – triple wing only

The square and portrait folios are supplied in a black presentation box, with the mini folio coming in a black soft fabric bag.

Where applicable, overlay mats are inclusive.

Butterwick wells Image Folios

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