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About Us

Butterwick Wells is a partnership between Myra Wells and Richard Butterwick created in March 2010. They have brought together a diverse wealth of experience from inside and outside the world of album making.

Myra Wells is one of the most respected and skilled craftswoman of hand made photograph albums, with over 30 years experience. Many photographers will have handled one of her albums at some point even if the name is not immediately familiar. Myra served her apprenticeship in the late 1970's and early 1980's at Halliday & Sons in Holbeck, Leeds.

In 1985, she was selected as one of the original four workers who were employed in a new venture to set up what has now grown into GF Smith Photomount. After the relocation of the Leeds Unit in 2007, her final year with GF Smith was spent in Hull assisting with the training of new staff.

She was then headhunted by Spicer Hallfield, working both at Haddenham and Bradford before their sudden unfortunate demise.

Aside from a casual interest in photography, Richard Butterwick brings a different skill set that has merged perfectly with Myra's album-making.

Richard spent nearly 20 years in the Civil Service and has a high level of information technology, graphic design, business analysis and project management skills, together with extensive financial, human resource and general business experience.

The idea of starting their business was first muted during a high altitude trek in Nepal in 2008, but it was only after Spicer's sudden closure in 2009 that they began their journey of starting a new company.

They are now working hard at turning their dream into a reality. They are based in the heart of the UK, in the beautiful hills of the South Pennine Moors, where they have lived for several years.

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